About us

 It was 1989  when  Wilger  Iglesias  merged his 
artisanship with jewelry making.  This  led him  to
express  his   craft   and    design   in  ways   people
had never seen before. His talent  in  photography
also  allowed  him  to  interpret  design  in  a   way
where harmony really was the main focus. This  is
where the name of the company comes from.   He  
continued his craft over the years and it eventually
translated into  his  oldest  son’s   journey.  Renzo  
Iglesias  became   another   asset  to  his   fathers' 
business  by  not  only   representing  L'Harmonie 
Creative Jewelry Co.  in  a  new  way  but  also  by 
developing  his  own  craft.They  now  feed  off  of 
each other  by entertaining new ideas, developing 
projects, and setting  new goals.

The Artists